Creative Development

Being a radio indie is a tough life, fighting other indies and in-house production units for small amounts of work. But what makes all the difference is getting access to talent and ideas. Indies are uniquely placed to offer opportunities to writers, producers, presenters and we are not talking about full-time employment here, sadly there simply isn't enough work available from the BBC to allow for large workforces. But it does mean that we have an open-door policy where it comes to bringing new people and new proposals to the BBC.

So what does this mean for you? Well, are you an experienced or up-and-coming radio producer? Are you a writer, or author? Are you a presenter, broadcaster or journalist? Maybe you are none of these but you think you have an idea for a radio programme or series which you think would suit one of the national BBC radio networks? Or maybe you have an idea for a commercial or corporate audio project, something that fits with business, charitable or public service sectors?

If any of these describe you, then we would like to hear from you. We are always looking to discuss and develop new ideas and people. We can't promise anything, as we are not responsible for the commissioning. But we have a heck of a lot of experience and even more enthusiasm and it is only by providing our clients with the very best talent and concepts that we keep winning work.

So...fancy a chat? Then head to the contacts page and drop us a line. Please check the DO's and DON'Ts section first though...there are some simple guidelinea about the areas in which we work and those which would be a waste of your time.

And please...NO SCRIPTS or SHOWREELS at this stage. Simple and basic information about yourself (CV's are good) and a one page maximum outline of your proposal (hey, it could be one paragraph!). We are looking to develop ideas and people, so you don't need to bring the fully finished idea to the first meeting!