Audiobook Production Services

Ladbroke Productions has been producing audiobooks since our very first days, way back in 1975! We've created audio cassettes, CDs and downloads for the publishing industry, as well as for broadcasters and the audiobook industry. Alongside audiobooks we also have a long history of producing readings for the BBC national radio networks. So, all said, we are quite proud of our audiobook experience, and love creating these ever-popular titles.

We offer a high-quality, cost-effective set of services, budgeted with a knowledge of the realities of audiobook production. All our work carries with it our many years of BBC radio production experience and expertise. No matter the size of project, you will always receive our highest quality workmanship.

Clients have included BBC Audiobooks, Chivers Audio, Penguin Audio, Harper Collins, Hodder Stoughton, Speaking Volumes, Laughing Stock.


We offer several audiobook production services:

[1] We'll Produce Your Title - the most traditional service, where you supply the book, and we'll do everything else from script prep through to the creation of the final masters. This service requires a full budget to cover all costs, including production, studios and the reader.

[2] Recording/Producing Your Title - occassionally we are asked to provide a studio and a producer/engineer to record the raw audio for an audiobook title. We then supply that audio (either raw or rough edited) to the client for further production work to be done in-house. This service is a cheaper alternative to the service above, the budget covering the cost of studio and producer time.

[3] Radio Readings - we work with several publishers, agents and abridgers to pitch audio readings to the national BBC Radio networks. If commissioned we will then produce the final readings series. Following transmission we work with the rights holders to commercially exploit the series as download-to-own/CDs/etc... This service is dependent on BBC commissioning, and the budget is determined and paid by the BBC.

[4] Production And Publication - our new service, in partnership with our sister company Spokenworld Audio. We will adapt your title into audio format, and then publish and distribute the audio title online as download-to-own. This service is free, with a share of revenue between us and the rights holders. However, this service requires the rights holder does not charge an upfront rights fee. The deal is non-exclusive.


All our audiobooks are produced by highly experienced individuals with BBC and commercial audio production expertise:


We usually record at partner studios in Central London, but can also record on location, and can arrange studio hire anywhere in the world. Our Central London studio partners are:


Most of our clients organise their own reading talent, but we have extensive experience of sourcing and booking readers, from commercial voices to the best-known acting names.