2012 BBC Productions

BBC Radio 2


"Dudley Moore - In Short" - 1x60mins

Presented by Guy Barker / Produced by Neil Rosser

Telling the story of the life and works of the comedy genius Dudley Moore.



"The Drunken Sailor" - 1x60mins - TX Date: TBC

Presented by TBC / Produced by Neil Rosser

Jarvis Cocker explores the world of the sea shanty. 


BBC Radio 3

"Cultural Conchies" - 1x45mins - TX Date: TBC

Produced & Presented by Dennis Marks

An exploration of the pacifist views which many British artists held firm to in World War II, and how this played a central role in the music and life of Benjamin Britten.


"Beyond The Silent Spring" - 5x15mins - TX Date: TBA

Presented by Various / Produced by Neil Rosser

Rachel Carson's campaigning book about the threat to the environment and nature made a massive impact when published 50 years ago. These Essays set it in context and discuss how it still resonates today.




BBC Radio 4


Hardeep Singh Kohli

"15 By 15" series 2 - 5x15mins - TX Date: TBA

Presented by Hardeep Singh Kohli / Produced by Richard Bannerman

Hardeep returns for another series where he takes 5 very different topics and examines 15 things about those topics in each 15 minute programme. it's gonna be quick, so keep your ears open!


Tim Brooke-Taylor

"It's My Story - Remembering Millie" - April 30th 2012 - 1x30mins

Produced & Presented by Anna Scott-Brown

Millie died just before she was two but her short life changed the lives of those who met her. Her death wasn't just an end, but the beginning of something different. Remembering Millie explores the difference she still makes. It will be contemporary, relevant - even comforting.


Tim Brooke-Taylor

"A War of Words" - 5x15mins - TX Date: June 2012

Presented by John Simpson / Produced by Neil Rosser

John Simpson takes a look back at the Spanish Civil War, 75 years on, often described as the first 'media war'.



"My Name Is Not 'Hey Baby'" - 1x30mins - TX Date: April 2012

Presented by Yasmeen Khan / Produced by Richard Bannerman & Yasmeen Khan

In schools, in the street and in the workplace, sexual harassment and how to respond to it is finding a new voice. Yasmeen Khan reports.


"The Pathfinder" - 1x30mins - TX Date: 27th April 2012

Presented by Tom Mangold / Produced by Adam Fowler

The birth of the glamorous post-war flying age - remarkable flying anecdotes, savage battles with the competition,  dirty tricks in the airline business and beyond. Tom Mangold uncovers the full story of the first great airline entrepreneur long before Laker and Branson. 


"Asian Weddings: Something Gold, Nothing Borrowed, Everything New" - 1x30mins - TX Date: 5th May

Presented byYasmeen Khan / Produced by Yasmeen Khan & Neil Gardner

Few weddings come as big as British Asian weddings. Yasmeen Khan gives an intimate view of the rituals, the negotiations, and the bling.


"Hardeep Seeks Serenity" - 5x15mins - TX Date: July 2012

Presented by Hardeep Singh Kohli / Produced by Richard Bannerman

In an age of anxiety and austerity, Hardeep seeks serenity.


"The Alien Balladeer" - 5x15mins - TX Date: TBA

Presented by Murray Lachlan Young / Produced by Adam Fowler

Murray Lachlan Young takes the universal ballad form, introducing contemporary themes over traditional tunes, to create a series of timeless comments on modern day life.  Individual stories underlie each 'performance', which are interwoven with the elements that have inspired the song. 


"Nixon at 100" - 5x15mins - TX Date: TBA

Presented by Sir David Frost / Produced by Neil Rosser

Sir David Frost chronicles and evaluates the roller-coaster life and career of Richard Nixon 100 years after his birth on January 9 1913


BBC World Service


"The Neon Cowboy" - 1x27mins - TX Date: March 2012

Produced by Neil Rosser

The story of the world's most famous commercial cowboy!