1999 BBC Productions

BBC Radio 2

"Susan Jeffreys says Make It A Double" - 6x30mins

Presented by Susan Jeffreys / Produced by Francesca Plowright

SUSAN JEFFREYS presents the first programme in a new series celebrating songs performed by pairs of artistes - from music’s most famous double acts to the least likely couples in recording history.




David Jacobs

"The Rodgers & Hammerstein Story" - 6x30mins

Presented by David Jacobs / Produced by Malcolm Prince

A new six-part series celebrating the most successful song-writing partnership in the history of musical theatre, Mary Rodgers - daughter of composer Richard Rodgers - tells David Jacobs the story of the two men who created Carousel, The Sound of Music, The King and I, South Pacific and many more hit shows. 



Lord Puttnam

"Century of Cinema" - 6x30mins

Presented by Lord David Puttnam & Brian Sibley / Produced by Malcolm Prince

Lord Puttnam and Brian Sibley co-present the story of the 20th Century's most popular form of entertainment. The six hour-long programmes recall the splendours and horros of the Hollywood dream factory, from its earliest days to the present era of CGI.



Stuart Colman

"London American" - 4x60mins

Presented by Stuart Colman / Produced by Andy Jordan

A four part series, presented by STUART COLMAN, which celebrates the unique contribution made to the development of popular music in Britain by the legendary London American record label. Each programme features exclusive interviews, archive material, and a wealth of recordings that helped define the constantly changing sound of popular music in the 1950s and 1960s.




Dorothy Fields with Jermone Kern

"Dorothy Fields - First Woman of Broadway" - 6x30mins

Presented by Don Black / Produced by James Montgomery & Neil Gardner

Don Black narrates a six-part biographical tribute to the fellow lyricist he calls his 'all time, ultimate heroine' - the first woman ever elected to The Songwriter's Hall of Fame - Dorothy Fields.



BBC Radio 3New York Philharmonic Orchestra

"The Orchestras of North America" - 10x75mins

Presented by Natalie Wheen / Produced by Alan Hall

This ground-breaking ten-part series tells the story of five major US orchestras - the Boston Symphony, the Clevenland Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Philharmonic, the Chicago Philharmonic and the New York Philharmonic.