1998 BBC Productions

BBC Radio 1Roni Size

"Dub It Up" - 2x30mins

Presented by Roni Size / Produced by Sue Clark


Mercury Music Award winner RONI SIZE reveals the techniques of dub music in the second of two programmes which explore the roots of dub and its influence on the drum 'n' bass sound of the 90s.


BBC Radio 2Rodgers & Hart

"Rodgers & Hart - A Thousand Songs" - 6x30mins

Presented by Russell Davies / Produced by David Benedictus

Russell Davies presents six programmes celebrating the prolific collaboration of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, the Broadway songwriters who wrote twenty-seven musicals together and completed more than a thousand songs.





Cole Porter

"Cole Porter - Night & Day" - 7x30mins

Presented by Russell Davies / Produced by David Benedictus

Russell Davies presents seven programmes celebrating another of the major songwriting talents of this century...Cole Porter.





"Ironic Maidens" - Series 3 - 6x30mins

Presented by Susan Jeffreys / Produced by Francesca Plowright

Sony award-winning Susan Jeffreys returns with another six programmes featuring wry, ironic, witty and occasionally outrageous songs by women singers and singer-songwriters.




Julie Andrews

"Starring Julie" - 1x60mins

Presented by Brian Sibley / Produced by Malcolm Prince

In an exclusive and in-depth interview with Brian Sibley, JULIE ANDREWS, the actress once voted ‘the world’s most popular star’, brings her life-story right up-to-date. As well as personal insights into celebrity life in Hollywood and major moments in her career, she talks about her recent illness and contemplates her future.




Brian Sibley

"Disney's Women" - 6x30mins

Presented by Brian Sibley / Produced by Malcolm Prince

In the 75th year of the world’s largest entertainment organisation, The Walt Disney Company, BRIAN SIBLEY introduces the six programmes telling two parallel stories - that of Walt Disney’s relationships with the real women in his life; and that of the evolution in his films of some of the most memorable female characters of all time. The story is told with help of his daughter DIANE DISNEY MILLER (talking for the first time about the life and work of her father) and the first-hand recollections of many of the female performers who starred in his films.




BBC Radio 3

"The Israel Philharmonic - Orchestra & People" - 2x120mins

Presented by Sheena McDonald / Written by Neville Teller / Produced by Martin Cotton

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra came into being as the state of Israel was founded in 1948. To mark their shared 50th anniversary, Sheena McDonald tells the story of the IPO’s growth in tandem with the state’s, celebrating a half-century of music making, triumphs and controversy. Among the leading figures from the classical music scene specially interviewed for the programme are Zubin Mehta, Daniel Barenboim, Isaac Stern, Pinchas Zukerman and Noam Sheriff, as well as many members of the orchestra, past and present.




"Blind Tasting" - 8x30mins

Presented by Fiona Talkington / Produced by Martin Cotton

In BLIND TASTING, two guests from the worlds of music and the arts discuss with the presenter three different recordings of the same short piece of classical music.  The guests are not told in advance which artists/orchestras feature on which recording - hence the series’ title.  Together with the presenter, the guests nominate the best of the recordings, at which point the performers of all three are revealed for the first time to the guests and to the listeners.  The nominated piece is then played in full.  The entertainment value of BLIND TASTING lies in the guessing-game element, and the chance to hear interpretations by famous names judged “blind” alongside less revered (and even obscure) artists and orchestras.  It’s also an opportunity for listeners to test their critical assessments against those of the guests and presenter. At the same time, the series provides authoritative and sometimes surprising recommendations for listeners who are building up their record collections.




BBC World ServiceWalt Disney

"Ain't No Mickey Mouse Business '98" - 4x30mins

Presented by Brian Sibley / Produced by Malcolm Prince

There can scarcely be a corner of the globe where people aren't familiar with Mickey Mouse - the big round ears, the smiling face, the red button-up pants and the oversized yellow boots. But what does Walt Disney's famous cartoon character represent? In a fully revised series, AIN'T NO MICKEY MOUSE BUSINESS, Brian Sibley tells the story of the company behind the Mouse. Responsible for dozens of animated films from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ to ‘Hercules’ and theme parks in America, Japan and France, the Walt Disney Company is now the world's largest entertainment corporation



"To Be Continued..." - 8x30mins

Presented by Brian Sibley / Produced by Malcolm Prince

To Be Continued investigates one of the most enduringly popular forms of radio and TV drama, a genre of entertainment that's enjoyed the world over and rooted in the most time-honoured art form - storytelling.  As the World Service’s own soap Westway celebrates its first birthday, To Be Continued… discovers - from the makers of soaps and continuing serials, and from those who follow them - how the style and appeal of soaps vary across the globe.