1997 BBC Productions

BBC Radio 2Qunicy Jones

"Quincy Jones - The Dude & His Music" - 3x30mins

Presented by Moira Stuart / Produced by Matt Brown

Moira Stuart celebrates the life, times and hits of America’s giant of music, Quincy Jones.






Danny Kaye

"Knock On Wood - The Danny Kaye Story" - 1x60mins

Presented by Max Bygraves / Produced by James Montgomery

In the tenth anniversary year of Danny Kaye’s death, Max Bygraves recalls the life, times and hits of the great American entertainer, with the memories of people who knew and worked with him on both sides of the Atlantic.




"Early Morning Breakfast Show" - Series 2 - 16x120mins

Presented by Liz Hobbs / Produced by Priscilla Williams

World, European and British Water Ski-racing Champion during the 1980s, Liz Hobbs MBE returns to the early-morning with a mix of favourite music and relaxed chat.




BBC Radio 3

"I Was There" - Series 2 - 5x30mins

Presented by Richard Fawkes / Produced by Louise Armitage

After the success of the original series of I WAS THERE, presenter Richard Fawkes returns with the first of five more interviews which bring vividly alive great musical events and celebrities of the past.



Joan Bakewell

"Sound Choice" - 8x60mins

Presented by Joan Bakewell / Produced by Martin Cotton & Rosalind Furlong

Joan Bakewell presents a new series aimed at music lovers and record buyers. Over the course of eight programmes, music celebrities such as Thomas Allen, Andrew Davis and Richard Hickox talk about the earliest records that were significant for them, while the likes of Leonard Slatkin, Emma Johnson, Nicholas Daniel and Robert Tear compare notes on recordings they have heard without knowing who the performers are.




Janos Starker

"Janos Starker" - 3x90mins

Presented by Moray Welsh / Produced by David Papp

In 1931 Janos Starker entered the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest as a prodigiously gifted six year-old and by the time he was nine, he already had several students. The die was cast. For most of his extraordinary seven decade career, Starker has not only been one of the century’s greatest cellists, but also one of its foremost teachers. In these three programmes, LSO Principal Cellist Moray Welsh talks to Starker and his contemporaries about those formative years at the Academy. Starker also plays music which reflects that time.



BBC Radio 4Devices & Desires cassette sleeve

"Devices & Desires" - 6x30mins

Written by PD James / Adapted by Neville Teller /Produced by Matthew Walters

A serial killer has claimed four victims and created a climate of mounting fear in the small community of Larksoken on the Norfolk coast. Staying nearby in a newly-inherited cottage, Adam Dalgliesh is drawn into contact not just with the local population, but also, inevitably, with the investigating team.

ALSO released as a BBC Radio Collection Audio Cassette.



BBC Radio 5 Live

"Soccer's Secret Weapons" - 1x60mins

Presented by Garry Nelson / Produced by David Wood

Writer and ex-professional footballer, Garry Nelson, goes in search of the unsung heroes of the game. In his travels he meets Manchester United’s chaplain - John Boyers, veteran scout - Fred O’Donoghue,  the England national team’s masseur - Steve Slattery, and the commercial manager of Blackburn Rovers - Ken Beamish.




BBC World Service

"Danger Squad" - 2x30mins

Presented by Adrian Quine / Produced by Louise Armitage

In radio’s very own version of television’s hugely popular real-life “999” formats, Adrian Quine joins the world’s emergency services and brings listeners a slice of the every day heroism and tragedy of emergency crews in diverse locations across the globe. Quine gives an insider’s view of life in London’s helicopter Emergency Medical Service, which flies low amongst the crowded skyline of the capital; the ambulance service in Calcutta, a city with one of the highest mortality rates in the world; the vice squad of the Hong Kong Police Force, the Johannesburg Fire Service and Flying Squad in South Africa and The Mountain Rescue Service in Switzerland.



"New Ideas" - Series 2 - 6x30mins

Presented by Carmen Pryce, Adrian Quine, Barry Fox & Eka Morgan / Produced by Rosalind Furlong

Six more fast-moving programmes specially designed to communicate the excitement of the latest innovations - and their implications - in the most-listener friendly language. The host is Carmen Pryce, a trained scientist well-known as the presenter of Tomorrow's World on BBC TV and of Ladbroke Radio's Thinking Machines for BBC World Service.  No journalist or broadcaster is more closely in touch with the latest happenings in science and technology, nor better equipped to explain their significance. Her team consists of Adrian Quine (specialising in consumer stories), Barry Fox (CV attached - new patents), and Eka Morgan (technology).