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Ladbroke Productions has produced its final radio programme for the BBC, and now, with sad hearts and fond memories we close our doors and move on with our lives.

Please DO NOT send us your ideas for docs, features, readings or plays. As of April 2014 we will no longer be on the BBC supplier list and the business will be merging with our colleagues at LADBROKE AUDIO/SPOKENWORLD AUDIO.

If you are looking for an independent production company to submit ideas to, please visit where you will find information on UK radio indies.

Many of our critically-acclaimed, award-winning radio programmes are available to buy as DOWNLOAD-TO-OWN digital files from We'll be updating our programme history pages soon to reflect the last 2 years of BBC productions.

We will continue to produce high-qulaity audio productions through our Ladbroke Audio and Spokenworld Audio businesses, including audio drama as well as many hundreds of hours of audiobooks every year.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, to all the talented people who have made programmes with us, and especially to Richard Bannerman, Neil Rosser and Nick Lawrence for being my partners through this creative period.





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Radio No More...End of an Era

Ladbroke Productions has been producing radio programming for the BBC since the early 1990s, in fact it was the first indie to produce a programme for them (the World Service!). In that time we have made around 500+ different productions and many thousands of hours of output for all of the national networks and for BBC World Service. In 2008 we took a chance to go solo from our parent company (Electric Airwaves) and for 5 years we've been continuing to make ground-breaking, original radio content, winning many international awards along the way.

BUT all good things must come to an end, and in a time of tough budgets, low commissioning results and higher prodction costs, we are sad to announce that Ladbroke Productions is no longer pitching for BBC radio work. As of Feb 2013 we are not open for commissioning ideas, and will not be engaging in any of the forthcoming commissioning rounds.

We have a year of existing BBC programming contracts to work on, and then, once everything has been delivered the company will join with our audiobook production sister company Ladbroke Audio to form one enterprise, focusing on the audiobook and archive sales & production market.

It is with profound regret that we close the doors on radio, but one of economic requirement. Over the past 5 years, and the many before that, we've had the honour of working with some incredible talent...producers, writers, presenters, journalists, actors, authors, sound designers, composers, the list goes on and on. We want to thank them all for helping us maintain such high standards and create such unique programming. And should any other producer be looking for top talent...come ask us, we'll put you in touch with some of the finest.

So that's it for Ladbroke RADIO, we move forwards as Ladbroke AUDIO and look to pastures greener and, dare I say, less fraught with politics. Radio remains our first love, and we'll always keep an eye open for unique opportunities to showcase our work.

But we're not done yet, as 2013/14 has a few real gems up its sleave. Stay with us and we'll offer you some real treats!





Posted on July 8th 2012 by Neil Gardner

Honest Doubt...update

Ladbroke Productions seems to have caused a bit of a stir with our recent "Honest Doubt" series on Radio 4. But rather than being a bad thing, it is in fact a good one, as the emails and letters are all asking when/if there will be an audiobook and/or ebook of the series.

When we started out on production over a year ago, both were mooted, but sadly various reasons meant neither was a possibility. So during production we didn't seek to get permission from contributors and rights holders for use of their words in a commercial way. So, now that we have a high demand for audiobook and ebook versions of the series we are racing around trying to clear these permissions and get the rights. In some cases it may mean having to edit something out or work around something we just can't clear, and for Richard Holloway it also means writing a few new words. But we are working through all the issues and hope to bring you more news very soon.

A massive thank you to everyone who has so vocally supported the series and helped prove that the great UK listenership isn't afraid of a little discussion and debate and freethinking.

And for all of you wanting the music theme from the series, Seb at SNK Music who composed the original 60 second theme is working on an extended version which you will be able to buy soon. The lad is far too talented!




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Time To Celebrate!


Ladbroke Productions has done it again...last night (18th June) in New York city, the winners of the prestigious New York Festival awards were announced (the NYFs are the 'Oscars' of international radio). And for the third year in a row we won!

Our series "15 By 15" (BBC Radio 4) presented by the brilliant Hardeep Singh Kohli won the SILVER award for Information/Docs (Human Relations). Produced by Richard Bannerman, the series was a hit on-air and there is a second series coming up later in 2012. Hearty congrats to both Hardeep and Richard!

Our documentary "It's My Story: Letting Go of James" (Radio 4) presented & co-produced by Anna Scott-Brown, and co-produced by Adam Fowler, also won a SILVER award for Information/Docs (Health/Medical). This amazingly moving programme follows the intensely personal story of a young mentally handicapped boy & his family as he makes the move to full-time residential care. It is a beautiful example of radio craft at its very best. Our heartiest congrats to Anna & Adam, a fitting send-off as they make the move to their own company this summer.

Finally, our landmark 50-part series "Russia: The Wild East" (Radio 4) written & presented by Martin Sixsmith, and co-produced by Anna Scott-Brown and Adam Fowler, was awarded a finalist certificate (top 5 in other words) in the Information/Documentary (History) category. I really wish it had won one of the big 3 awards, but I am still incredibly proud of what it has achieved. It is very hard for hudges to get to grips with an award entry that represents 50 episodes of compacted history. Big congrats to Martin, Anna and Adam for yet another stunning achievement.

It is a wonderful feeling to get such valued and important recognition from the international radio comminity. Having been a judge for the other categories of the NYFs I can tell you that there is some superb competition out there. It seems that the whole world still embraces radio, particularly docs and features. For three years now our small independent production business has been recognised by our international colleagues for the quality and originality of programming we produce. Who knows, maybe well get some UK recognition one day?!

Quote from Neil Gardner, MD of Ladbroke Productions:

“It’s been another happy shock for us, as we’ve waited and hoped but not got our hopes up!  What we do is create, develop and produce radio programming, and we do it because we love what we do.  Happy listeners is the aim, but to have our peers and industry recognize and reward us for some of our programming is an additional bonus. 

Many people don’t know about the independent radio sector, and even less about radio awards…but I can say that to be nominated for awards such as these is almost honour enough when you see your fellow nominees.  And to win a New York Award (considered the Oscars of international radio!) is something you dream of, but never hold your breath over.  Over the past 3 years we have been recognised by our international radio colleagues for our quality and originality, something we are incredibly grateful for, especially when you hear some of the amazing competitors we were up against from all around the world.  Radio is clearly still a vibrant and much-loved medium.

What these awards prove is that independently produced radio is a valuable and important part of the BBC’s output and the nation’s creative economy.  Sadly, opportunities for indies are few, but credit must go to the BBC for making available the airtime and funding that they do. Considering just how well UK indies do at these prestigious awards it might be time for a little recognition here in the UK by those that control the purse-strings and the airwaves of just what an important contribution we make, and how much more we are capable of as an industry.”





Posted on APRIL 17th 2012 by Neil Gardner

2012 So Far

Ladbroke Productions has had a busy and interesting first few months of 2012. We continue to work on a number of radio productions for BBC Radio 4, Radio 2 and World Service, as well as the never ending rollercoaster ride that is the commissioning rounds! Things have slowed down a bit in the past year in terms of BBC commissioning of indie producers, as Auntie looks at how it wants to work with indie suppliers, and makes changes (some good, some bad) to its supplier lists. It is certainly a strange time to be an indie producer, with high production costs and frozen budgets, less and less commissioning opportunities and ring-fenced slots. But we bat on, and we are extremely proud of the programmes we are putting out in to the world. As usual we range from leading-edge journalism, to the fluffier side of life, stopping off everywhere in between. Sadly 2012 won't bring with it a third HP Lovecraft series for BBC Radio 4 Extra (their decision, not ours!) but we are working with some commercial partners to keep the Richard Coyle/HPL bandwagon rolling.

Our sister companies Ladbroke Audio Ltd and Spokenworld Audio Ltd are merging, to form one single point for all your audiobook needs, from production to publishing. It is an exciting time, with some great new titles in the pipeline and some new clients to boot!

April has brought with it a move of office space (well, from one room to another)...this has given us more room, a more ergonomic workspace, and for some reason, made the cats much happier!

A big shout out goes to the guys at SNK Studios, on Tottenham Court Road, who continue to be our partners in crime where studios are concerned. You really can't find better studios in Central London for such a competitive rate. Drop them a line to see just how good they can be.





Posted on December 5th 2011 by Neil Gardner

Audiobooks for Xmas

Ladbroke Productions would like recommend a few of the superb audiobooks produced by our sister company Ladbroke Audio Ltd:



"Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography"

Produced & edited for AudioGO Ltd


"All Aliens Like Burgers" by Ruth Wheeler

Produced & edited for Spokenworld Audio Ltd


"The Brightonomicon" (full cast) by Robert Rankin

Written, produced & edited for AudioGO Ltd


"May I Have Your Attention, Please?" by James Corden

Produced & edited for Random House Audio


"Doctor Who: Borrowed Time" by Naomi A Alderman

Produced & edited for AudioGO Ltd


"BBC Archive Voices" Collection

Produced & edited for AudioGO Ltd


"Brung Up Proper" by Jason Manford

Produced & edited for Random House Audio





Posted on aUGUST 9TH 2011 by Neil Gardner

To Our Friends At Reeves Corner

Ladbroke Productions would like to send our love and support to our friends at Reeves Furniture in Croydon. Last night, the beautiful building above, established in 1867, was burned to the ground by moronic evil looters and rioters. Reeves is a family business that all of us in Croydon are very proud of. The building and business was a real historic landmark, and we are devastated to see its destruction by mindless thugs. We would also like to send our support to all the residents and other businesses affected by the rioting last night. Such meaningless wanton destruction proves nothing but the idiocy of those who partake in it. Croydon, and all of London will stand strong and united against such violence. We look forward to the rebirth of Reeves Furniture.




Posted on June 20th 2011 by Neil Gardner

We've Won...Again!

You could knock us down with a feather right now, because on Monday evening, in New York city, the Oscars of international radio were awarded (The New York Festival Awards) and guess what? That's right, we won two, and were nominated for a third! That's two years in a row we've won the biggest awards in international radio! So what won what?

GOLD World Festival - News/Current Affairs

AMNESTY AT 50 - presented by John Tusa and produced by Merilyn Harris

BRONZE World Medal - Best Drama Special

DEEPCUT - written by Philip Ralph and directed by Mick Gordon

FINALIST Nomination - Arts

PAINTING THE LONELINESS - produced by Judith Kampfner & Dean Olsher

Heartiest congrats to everyone involved in each of the productions, we are immensely proud and glowing with happiness. Let's see if we can win a few more awrads in 2011, eh?



Posted on June 10th 2011 by Neil Gardner

The Audio Keeps Coming!

You can't keep a good production company down for long...and so we are very proud to direct your attention at a few audio production 'wot we've dun'!


"Russia: The Wild East" Pt 1

A LAdbroke Radio production for BBC Radio 4 and AudioGO Ltd

Click the Image to Buy


"Behind The Black Door" by Sarah Brown

Edited by Neil Gardner on beealf of The Random House Group and AudioGO Ltd

Click Image to Buy


"Sex Life" by Dr Pamela Stephenson-Connolly

Edited by Neil Gardner on behalf of The Random House Group and AudioGO Ltd

Click Image to Buy


"Dave Gorman vs. The Rest of the World" by Dave Gorman

Produced by Neil Gardner on behalf of The Random House Group and AudioGO Ltd

Click Image to Buy


"Doctor Who: The Night of the Humans" by David Llewelln

Produced by Neil Gardner on behalf of AudioGO Ltd

Click Image to Buy


"Doctor Who: The Glamour Chase" by Gary Russell

Produced by Neil Gardner on behalf of AudioGO Ltd

Click Image to Buy


"Doctor Who: Hunter's Moon" by Paul Finch

Produced by Neil Gardner on behalf of AudioGO Ltd

Click Image to Buy

And we have lots more coming, via AudioGO and Random well as through our sister company Spokenworld Audio. We just love making audio and we have no plans to stop!




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We'll Miss You, Sarah-Jane

It is such a sad day...Elisabeth Sladen, our very own Sarah-Jane Smith, has passed away, aged 63.

She was an absolute hero of mine, an icon of my Doctor Who youth, a gorgeous, funny, vibrant, friendly, cheerful, intelligent and fabulous human being.

I feel incredibly honoured and fortunate enough to have worked with her producing her last four Sarah Jane Adventures audiobook adventures for AudioGo. Over two years we had some of the most fun in a studio I have ever had. And they are four of the productions I am most proud of. To hear Lis reading out my name as the producer was a moment that will resonate for me forever.

But what is more important is that Lis was a genuinely fantastic person...someone who cared passionately about her character, her work, her family, her friends and her colleagues. She was always as concerned for our time and wellbeing as her own.

The last time I saw her we swapped gifts...I got some signed SJA audiobooks (very much treasured items in our household) and she got a copy of "The Brightonomicon Audio Series" and "The Bumper Book of FICTS". She told me later that the FICTS had given her a good we are all aware of what she was going through, I hope that my ridiculous FICTS gave her some respite for just a few moments.

So we move on to a slightly colder world, without Lis or Sarah-Jane...but she's still with us in our hearts and memories, and all those lovely shiny DVDs and Blu-Rays we can enjoy over and over again. But let me suggest this to you...once you've rewatched School Reunion, or the SJA series...grab yourself an SJA audiobook or three (or four, or five!) and head somewhere quiet and put your headphones on, and let Lis tell you some of her adventures It'll make you cry, but it'll also make your heart sing with joy.

RIP were, are and will always be, the greatest companion of them all!

Love, Neil, Tanja and all at Ladbroke Productions xxx




Posted on April 12th 2011 by Neil Gardner

From Mongols to Soviets

After 3 long years in production we are very excited to announce that our epic landmark radio series "RUSSIA: THE WILD EAST" written & presented by Martin Sixsmith, begins on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 18th April at 3.45pm.

The 50 episodes are split in to two series of 25, and cover the 1000 year history of the country, from its founding as Rus, through the Mongol invasion, via Tsars and despots, revolutions and uprisings, to the Soviet era and on to the modern day.

If you can't tune in, or miss an episode, fear not, as the series is also available on the iPlayer, and you can hear every episode until the end of each series run.

SERIES 1 airs: 18th April to 20th May

SERIES 2 airs: 11th July to 12th August

  • Presenter/Writer: Martin Sixsmith
  • Historical Consultant: Prof. Geoffrey Hosking
  • Additional Research: Daniel Sixsmith
  • Exec Producers: Richard Bannerman & Neil Gardner
  • Producers: Adam Fowler & Anna Scott-Brown

But it doesn't stop there! On May 19th BBC Books/ebury Press release Martin Sixsmith's 'book of the series', a 500+ page beast of a book, lavishly illustrated and chock full of fascinating history.

But hold fast, as there is more. The fine folk at AUDIOGO are releasing the two series as a pair of 5 CD boxsets and downloads. Available a week after each radio series has aired, they can be yours marvellous!







Posted on March 21st 2011 by Neil Gardner

Audiobook for Japan 2011

The recent devastation in Japan caused by the earthquake and tsunami has shocked the world. We at Ladbroke Productions, alongside our friends and partners at Spokenworld Audio Ltd are unashamed Japon-ophiles...we just love the place, the people and the culture. We have some great friends in Japan, and we felt it was important that we do what we could to help out.

JAPANESE FAIRY WORLD, STORIES FROM THE WONDER-LORE OF JAPAN has been produced by Neil Gardner at Ladbroke Productions in just a few days, with the incredible kind help and talents of many of the UK and US's finest Voice Over artists. With beautiful music donated by Jon Nicholls and Seb & Kayvan at SNK Music (and additional music from AKM Music). Within you will find 25 short-stories from the rich heritage of Japanese folk-tales. From demons and gods, to the creation of the Earth and the naming of mountains.

Over 3.5 hours of fabulous audiobook readings!

100% of the money raised from the sale of this unique audiobook will be donated by Spokenworld Audio and Ladbroke Productions to the RED CROSS JAPAN TSUNAMI/EARTHQUAKE APPEAL. We will even donate the VAT as well!

We encourage you to purchase the complete audiobook, but if you would prefer to, you can also buy each story individually (a slightly more expensive option!). The complete set comes as a zipped folder containing the 25 stories plus an introduction and end credits...all as high quality stereo 192kbps mp3 files...ready for importing into iTunes or on to an mp3 player of your choice!

Let us tell you the incredibly generous readers who gave their time, talent (and studios!) to make this project a reality. If you are a producer/director, please take it from us, these people are fantastic and well worth hiring:

RAMON TIKARAM (yes, Ferdie from This Life...ace!)

NATALIE COOPER (who also helped organise the voices...what an angel)

PETER DICKSON (the voice of X-Factor and so much more, buy his app at

PATRICK LUNT (legendary voice over!)




MARTY PERRETT (check out his superb podcast 'The Boxroom' - subscribe in iTunes)

HELEN QUIGLEY (click here for website)



TAFF (he promises us he has a surname, but it is on a 'need to know' basis apparently!)


GEORGE WASHINGTON III (click here for website)


JUSTIN BARRETT (click here for website)




The cover art was created by Tanja Glittenberg.

How To Buy Audiobook for Japan 2011 let's get to the audiobook stories...CLICK HERE and you'll be taken to the Spokenworld Audio site where you can buy the complete audiobook, or buy individual stories.

Please Note: VAT is added automatically for those purchasing from the UK or EU countries. SPokenworld Audio and Ladbroke Productions will match the sum total of VAT as an additional donation to the appeal.

Many thanks for your support and please spread the news. We'd love to sell hundreds, if not thousands of copies and raise as much money as we can for the appeal.





Posted on Feb 18th 2011 by Neil Gardner

New Audiobooks Are Here

Winter is still with us, so what better way to warm your ears up than listening to a fantastic audiobook? Here's what's new from our production hands:

Unabridged Reading

Author : Graham Greene
Reader : Samuel West
Producer : Neil Gardner
Running Time : 9hrs 11mins

‘Hale knew, before he had been in Brighton three hours, that they meant to murder him…’ So begins ‘Brighton Rock’, in which a gang war rages through the dark underworld of 1930s Brighton. Seventeen-year-old Pinkie Brown, malign and ruthless, has killed a man. Believing he can escape retribution, he is unprepared for the courageous, life-embracing Ida Arnold. Greene’s gripping thriller exposes a world of loneliness and fear, of life lived on the ‘dangerous edge of things’. ‘Brighton Rock’ has twice been adapted for film. Richard Attenborough starred as Pinkie in the 1947 version, with Sam Riley and Helen Mirren starring in the 2010 release.


Unabridged Reading

Author : Stephen Cole
Reader : Arthur Darvill
Producer : Neil Gardner
Running Time : 1hr 19mins

When the TARDIS lands on Orkney in the near future, the Doctor and Amy arrive to find a large demonstration in progress over the construction of new electricity pylons. The Doctor tries to break things up peacefully - but suddenly the road splits open without warning and swallows police, security guards and protestors alike. Separated from the Doctor, Amy takes charge of transporting the wounded to hospital - but the rescue mission becomes a terrifying ride as the pylons come to life and begin to walk and the road rears up, erupting with boiling tarmac. The Doctor, meanwhile, has even more than metal monsters and rebellious roads to deal with. Who is sucking the life out of the power company's employees - and just what is lurking inside the Astra-Gen headquarters?

Written specially for audio by Stephen Cole and read by Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory in Doctor Who, The Ring of Steel features the Doctor as played by Matt Smith in the acclaimed hit series from BBC Television.




Posted on OCT 30th, 2010 by Neil Gardner

One More Win...What A Year!

Ladbroke Productions has had a heck of a year, winning awards left, right and centre. And we've added one more. In Chicago the Third Coast Awards were handed out, and ouor documentary "The Loneliness of the Goalkeeper" won the Best Documentary: Director's Choice award! Uber-producer Adam Fowler was there to pick up the hefty trophy. Heartiest congrats to him, and to presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli. Phew...what a year, eh?!




Posted on OCT 14th, 2010 by Neil Gardner

Lovely Trophies!

Ladbroke Productions just won a brace of New York Awards, as you probably know. Sadly, we weren't able to be in New York for the ceremony. So imagine our surprise as the doorbell rang earlier today and, hey presto, two beautiful gleaming microphone-shaped New York Award trophies were plonked into our sweaty palms!

I think you will agree that they are stunning looking trophies, and we are outrageously proud to place them on our shelf, underneath our New york Gold Awards from 1999 and 2000, and alongside our Sandford St martin Award from this year.

And yes, that is me wearing a flat cap looking rather chuffed!

Fingers crossed we can add a nifty Third Coast Award and Jerusalem Award to our burgeoning collection.



Posted on OCT 7th, 2010 by Neil Gardner

We've Gone & Done It Again!

Ladbroke Productions had a lovely surprise as the prestigious Third Coast International Audio Festival awards were announced yesterday and our documentary "The Loneliness of the Goalkeeper", produced by Adam Fowler and presented by comedy guru Hardeep Singh Kohli, was one of the winners! We'll discover on Oct 30th exactly WHICH of the nine prizes we've won, but we're winners and that's some exciting news indeed! Heartiest congrats to Adam and Hardeep...and also to the uber-talented poet Murray lachlan Young who supplied us with a brand spanking new top of the line poem for the programme.

So year 3 for Ladbroke Productions is beginning rather well...with the Sandford St Martin award, the New York award and now the Third Coast we have yet to hear the results of our nomination for the Jerusalem awardjon. Whatever the final results are, we're extremely proud of all our work, all our colleagues and contributors and for being able to continue to produce top-quality programming for UK audiences via the BBC.




Posted on Sept 25th, 2010 by Neil Gardner

Ladbroke Wins 2 New Yorks!

Ladbroke Productions had a very good night at the annual New York Festival Radio programming Awards last night. The New Yorks are akin to the Oscars(tm) as they recognise the best radio programmes and talent from across the world. In just our 2nd year since the take-over and redesign of the company, Ladbroke's had two of ouor programmes honoured with awards:


"MAYFLIES" - written by Mike Maddox, directed/produced by Neil Gardner, executive produced by Dirk Maggs, with sound design & editing by Simon Willy and music by Jeremy Paul Carroll. Starring Sir Derek Jacobi, Jason Isaacs, Steven Cree, Catherine McCormack, Danny Webb and Sarah Douglas. This subtle, thought-provoking scieince fiction drama considers how we might react to news of a message from aliens.


"TWIN SISTERS, TWO FAITHS" - presented by Anna Scott-Brown and co-produced by Adam Fowler & Anna Scott-Brown. Already the winner of the Sandford St Martin Award earlier this year, this incredible, moving and poignant documentary follows the stories and lives of two sisters, one Chriistian and the other Muslim.

We are extremely proud to have been honoured this way, and pass along our congratulations and sense of pride to all who were involved. Both programmes were commissioned by BBC Radio 4, so kudos to the network for supporting us and allowing us the freedom to make these award-winning pieces.




Posted on August 26th, 2010 by Neil Gardner

The Bumper Book of FICTS

Ladbroke Productions very own MD has released his first book, a collaboration with best-selling author and the father of far-fetched fiction, Robert Rankin. The Bumper Book of FICTS is a beautifully illustrated 96 page hard-backed feast of fun and silliness and is available for you to buy now, exclusively from Ladbroke Productions! CLICK HERE to visit our new FICTS page and to order the book now!





Posted on July 8th, 2010 by Neil Gardner

We Love (& make) Audiobooks!


Did you know that we don't just produce and develop radio programmes & series, but we also offer a full set of AUDIOBOOK PRODUCTION services? That's right, you can get our 30+ years of BBC programme making experience for your audiobook title...high-quality yet cost-effective. A few of our recent titles include:

So if you are looking for a partner company to help bring about your audiobook dreams, give us a call or drop us an email anytime and we'll talk you through what we can do for you!




Posted on May 27th, 2010 by Neil Gardner

We Are The Champions!


The new and improved Ladbroke Productions has been around now for almost 2 years, and in that time we have hoped we would win an award or two for our programmes, after all, we work with some of the best radio talent in the business and most (if not all!) of our programmes are tip top corkers!

Well, after much waiting and gnashing of teeth, last night, in the beautiful and serene setting of Lambeth Palace (home of the Archbishop of Canterbury) our BBC Radio 4 documentary “Twin Sisters, Two Faiths” was given the Premier Radio Award by the Sandford St Martin Trust Awards…an extremely prestigious award and the top ones for religious broadcasting.

The programme tells the emotional and moving story of twin sisters who have followed different faiths, and their agnostic mother who is dying.  The presenter/producer Anna Scott-Brown followed their story for a year, capturing some intensely personal and private moments.  Sadly, as we hear in the programme, the mother dies of her illness, struggling with her daughters’ religious convictions and her own sudden discovery of God.

It is a truly heart-rending programme, and Anna and co-producer Adam Fowler are to be heartily congratulated on it.  The Sandford St Martin Award is justly deserved for these outstanding programme makers.  And we at Ladbroke Productions would like to also accept the award in memory of  the family and Annie, who made it so special and so moving.

If you would like to hear the full documentary, it is now available for listen again at the BBC’s superb iPlayer:


And here is the moment when we heard the good news:


“Twin Sisters, Two Faiths” was presented by Anna Scott-Brown, produced by Anna Scott-Brown & Adam Fowler, executive produced by Richard Bannerman, and was a Ladbroke Productions (Radio) Ltd production for BBC Radio 4 (and later repeated in a shorter version on BBC World Service).

And there is a nice blog from the head of Radio 4, Mark Damazer, all about the awards and the wins for both us, other indies and some in-house teams:


Congrats to everyone who was nominated and to all the winners.




Posted on March 20th, 2010 by Neil Gardner

Need A Professional Podcast?


Podcasts are everywhere, and everyone either has one, or wants one! But have you noticed that many commercial podcasts, from big name brands, sound a shall we put it...lacklustre? Podcasts can be very cheap to produce, and sadly, in many cases, you can tell. So if you are considering creating a new podcast, or updating your existing podcast, why not get it produced by people who really know their audio?!


AKT Logo "Ladbroke Productions put together a startlingly good piece of work for AKT'S website  – ‘startling’ because it encapsulated both the spirit of what we are about and the practice of what we do. John Waite’s interviewing skill in putting us at our ease was consummate and encouraged a relaxed and spontaneous response, which brought each element alive, and which has produced very positive responses from clients and colleagues. We would heartily recommend Ladbroke Productions to all companies who are looking for an original and entertaining extra dimension to their website, which in addition gives it a real competitive edge." - Co-founder & co-director of AKT productions, Andy Powrie


Ladbroke Productions has a track-record of radio and audio production that stretches back to 1975, and is filled with awards, positive reviews and happy customers. We bring all our BBC radio experience to our podcast production, but at a cost that won't scare your accountant. Each and every production is bespoke, so why not get in touch and ask us what we can do for you.


Drop us a line by CLICKING HERE or calling 07590 555458




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Boss of R4 Praises LP Prog


Mark Damazer Blog

We are all extremely proud of the programmes we make, but it is especially pleasing to hear that those we work for, mainly the BBC, enjoy and appreciate the programmes we work hard to develop and produce. Mark damazer, the network controller of Radio 4 has posted a short blog comment about "Twin Sisters, Two Faiths" which aired last week. I am sure you will join us in congratulating the producers anna and adam, much deserved praise indeed. and we send our thanks and sympathies to the family featured in the programme, who sadly lost their mother to illness during the production. CLICK HERE or the image above to see the blog comment in full.